February 14, 2024

Celebrating One Year of Innovation and Community at CityPark in Brentwood, TN with Boyle Investment Company

This year marks a significant milestone for us at Stringfellow Technology Group as we celebrate our first anniversary at CityPark in Brentwood, TN, a prestigious development by Boyle Investment Company. Our journey over the past year in this inspiring locale mirrors our dedication to delivering unparalleled managed IT services for healthcare groups.

Our First Year at CityPark
Choosing CityPark as our home base was a strategic decision aligned with our mission to provide a dependable, reliable, and tested process for IT services in a community that thrives on innovation and collaboration. The supportive and dynamic environment fostered by Boyle has played a pivotal role in our growth, allowing us to focus on our core mission – simplifying healthcare IT security and compliance for healthcare providers and staff.

“This last year has been amazing,” said Daniel Buchanan, Marketing and Recruiting Manager at Stringfellow Technology Group. “CityPark is such a welcoming and comfortable business park with tons of great restaurants, sushi bars, and makes working in the office exciting and fun!”

Our Role in Healthcare Managed IT Services
At Stringfellow, we specialize in HealthSafeIT, our comprehensive managed IT services uniquely tailored to healthcare providers. HealthSafeIT encompasses everything from cybersecurity and compliance to strategic IT roadmaps, ensuring providers can concentrate on delivering quality patient care. Our unique approach has been instrumental in simplifying IT processes for healthcare groups, leading to more streamlined operations and enhanced patient care.

Reflecting on Our Progress:
Our first year at CityPark has been a testament to our commitment to excellence and partnership in healthcare IT. We’ve not only established ourselves in this vibrant community but also strengthened our resolve to provide exceptional IT solutions. Our partnership with Boyle at CityPark represents a synergy of business excellence and community values.

Looking Forward:
We are excited to continue our journey at CityPark, further driving growth and innovation in healthcare IT. Our goal is to empower healthcare providers with the technology they need to excel in an ever-evolving industry, and we believe our location at CityPark will continue to play a crucial role in this mission.

Contact Us:
For more on our services and our journey at CityPark, visit
www.Stringfellow.com, call 615.386.4920 or email learnmore@stringfellow.com.